"There's a right way and a wrong way to do an installation."




There are lots of crews out there claiming to have ADSS and OPGW installation experience. Don't trust their claim. Ask them installation questions to qualify their skill level. Fiber Planners can handle the installation crew qualification process and pose those questions for you. If you don't ask, you could get a bridge building crew that's great at constructing the lattice transmission towers, but has no idea how to pull cable. Or, you could get a telecommunications crew that is hungry enough to say anything to get the job and then you find out they have no grounded trucks and no qualified electrical linemen on your project, let alone on staff.


The best way to have a great installation is to have a crew who knows the correct installation practices for ADSS and OPGW fiber cable. Sometimes a local electrical contractor is the best chose but they have never done fiber. Let Fiber Planners train them.

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Some communities insist on having the cell towers hidden in plain sight. It's a weird idea and it's expensive. But it's fun when you can spot one!


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