"We work with power utilities around the world."


Utility Telecommunications Business Planning

Fiber Planners business and marketing analysts can work with your organization to develop the business plan for your telecommunications activities. We help you find the correct business model for your operation, whether it's functioning as a dark fiber provider, wholesale carrier, or retail service provider to end-users. We determine the necessary fiber, transport systems, network management and billing systems you need for your business. We identify the technical skills and organizational structure your business will require. Most importantly, we fit the business plan to your power utility organization's overall needs, culture and goals. A power utility's telecommunications operations should enhance the parent utility, not weaken it financially or organizationally.


Fiber Cable System Design

Fiber Planners designs ADSS, OPGW and aerial wrap cable installations for power utilities on their transmission and distribution systems. We produce a complete turnkey design package including line design, make-ready, bill of materials, materials specification and selection, and installation instructions. We then train the installation crews as needed and supervise the cable's installation.


Technology Transfer and Training

Fiber Planners offers training to power utility personnel on utility fiber system design and installation. Fiber Planners can train your utility's personnel at your location, then work with them through the design phase to the early stages of installation. Alternately, Fiber Planners can train them in the United States in the classroom, then take them out of the classroom for practical field experience designing and supervising utility fiber cable installations.



Resource for Utilities

For almost two decades, we've served municipalities, electric coops and investor-owned electric utilities. [more]

Turnkey Services

Fiber Planners offers turnkey services to help you plan and manage all aspects of your fiber project. [more]

Technically Speaking

Fiber Planners understands the technical side and we're able to direct you to the right design. [more]

Cable Consultation

When problems happen, you can depend on Fiber Planners' analysis skills to help identify a solution. [more]