Expert Witness Services


There are cases erupting in the industry between installation contractors and the end user or power utility. When litigation doesn't work and the parties can't see eye to eye, some large installation failures result in court cases. If this happens, Fiber Planners can provide Expert Witness Services to keep the arguments to the facts. We will work hard to keep problems from moving to this point but when large sums of money are at stake, and the installation has failed, sometimes, the courts have to decide the case. Having us on your side may make the difference.


Resource for Utilities

For almost two decades, we've served municipalities, electric coops and investor-owned electric utilities. [more]

Turnkey Services

Fiber Planners offers turnkey services to help you plan and manage all aspects of your fiber project. [more]

Technically Speaking

Fiber Planners understands the technical side and we're able to direct you to the right design. [more]

Cable Consultation

When problems happen, you can depend on Fiber Planners' analysis skills to help identify a solution. [more]

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