Technical Troubleshooting


You might have an issue with your fiber installation that you can't figure out the cause. Fiber Planners has decades of experience to help you solve the dilemma. It might be a high attenuation fiber only in the wee hours of the morning, then returns to fully functional during the day or maybe a cable that the jacket seems to be flaking or dusting off. We've seen a lot of strange problems and most have a simple solution. Let us join your detective team to solve the issue. You'll be glad you called us.


Resource for Utilities

For almost two decades, we've served municipalities, electric coops and investor-owned electric utilities. [more]

Turnkey Services

Fiber Planners offers turnkey services to help you plan and manage all aspects of your fiber project. [more]

Technically Speaking

Fiber Planners understands the technical side and we're able to direct you to the right design. [more]

Cable Consultation

When problems happen, you can depend on Fiber Planners' analysis skills to help identify a solution. [more]