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PLS-CADD Modeling


"We design installations."




Fiber Planners uses PLS-CADD in designing fiber cable installations on high-voltage transmission lines. Since virtually every large utility and power engineering firm also uses this powerful software tool and its associated structural engineering modules, we can readily pass data back and forth to utilities or their engineering companies, streamlining the entire design and documentation package. On routes for which there is no PLS-CADD data, we can build a model by scanning and digitizing old plan and profile sheets, working from staking sheets and USGS topographic data and/or using FLI-MAP data.


Where structural engineering analyses or modifications are required, Fiber Planners can pass the necessary PLS-CADD loading data to the utility's inside or outside structural engineers. If the utility doesn't have this capability, we can retain licensed structural engineers for the project.


It is sometimes needed on line voltages above 115 kV, when the electrical fields surrounding an ADSS are above 12 kV potential field. In general, once the line voltage is 115 kV, an expert needs to look at the electrical fields and determine the specialized hardware needed to protect the ADSS cable.


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