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"What would it cost to add a fiber cable to this mess?"


There are NESC (National Electric Safety Code) violations, inappropriate loading conditions of existing cables and a squeezed safety zone on the pole. If you think replacing the pole with a taller one is your only option, Fiber Planners™ can offer alternatives. Replacing just one messy pole and moving services, streetlights and transformers can easily run several thousand dollars. We specialize in adding your fiber optic requirements to the pole without costly pole replacements.


ADSS cable systems save electric utilities money ADSS cable offers the power utility a unique advantage for installing fiber optic cable in the supply region of the pole. The supply region offers a safer environment for a fiber optic cable and provides more attachment space. Only 'power-qualified' personnel approved by the utility are allowed to install cable in this region. Fiber Planners can assist in the selection of attachment locations in the supply region and within NESC rules. As a result, even using more expensive power-qualified crews, power utilities can install fiber cheaper than crews using lashed fiber cable in the communications space – the make-ready costs are just so much lower.


There's a lot to consider when designing an ADSS system First, there's a sea of specialized suspension and pole hardware to choose from. ADSS cable manufacturers can design cables for almost any combination of environmental and sag/tension requirements. Each installation needs different considerations for attachment height, installation stringing tension and ground clearance allowances. Factor in future system expansion and fiber taps plus dark fiber marketing potential and it can all get downright complicated. Let Fiber Planners guide your outside plant ADSS fiber optic system for smooth sailing.


We've helped over 80 utilities across North America Fiber Planners has assisted power utilities continent-wide with their All-Dielectric Self Supporting (ADSS) fiber optic outside plant projects, from Chugach Electric Association in Alaska to Progress Energy in the Carolinas. We've learned that it's not a good idea to post the references on the website. Contact us and we'd be happy to share our list.


Our wide experience provides the comfort factor for your fiber projects Fiber Planners' senior staff provides over seventy years of fiber optic experience and hundreds of installations. We add a comfort factor to the project whether our clients are new to fiber optics or overworked specialists at large, established fiber users. The worry factor of all the details from an overwhelming project will disappear when Fiber Planners enters the scene.


All our design service is provided for a fixed bottom line price Just pick up the phone and call for help, advice, recommendations and suggestions to solve your fiber optic needs.



It allows the cable to be relaxed – not forced – through the angles of fixed hardware.


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