Route Selection Studies


"When a full feasibility study isn't required..."


Sometimes, power utilities, municipalities and electric cooperatives don't need a full blown feasibility study to determine whether a project makes sense. They just need help deciding where the fiber route should be around town to maximize the most facility connections. That's where the Fiber Planners' Route Selection Study can help. We spend 3 to 5 days in town driving potential routes and surveying the communication needs of the client. Presentation notebooks are suitable for board members and city officials. They include project budgets and proposed route maps and assistance with the project approval process. All this is at a fraction of the cost of a feasibility study.


Resource for Utilities

For almost two decades, we've served municipalities, electric coops and investor-owned electric utilities. [more]

Turnkey Services

Fiber Planners offers turnkey services to help you plan and manage all aspects of your fiber project. [more]

Technically Speaking

Fiber Planners understands the technical side and we're able to direct you to the right design. [more]

Cable Consultation

When problems happen, you can depend on Fiber Planners' analysis skills to help identify a solution. [more]

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