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Fiber Planners has specialized in designing fiber outside plant for electric utilities and municipalities since its founding by Denise Frey in 1993. Our clients have unique fiber situations; SCADA, remote equipment access or facility tie-lines. Technically challenging requirements are our specialty. We're a small, very productive consulting organization focused on getting our clients' network expansions up and running quickly – and smoothly.


deniseDenise Marcel Frey
Founder and President


Denise, with just a handful of other people, pioneered and developed the use of all-dielectric self-supporting (ADSS) fiber optic cable in North America in the late 1980s at what was then Superior Optics. Probably half the large utilities in the U.S. have ADSS fiber systems she helped design, either while at Superior or at Fiber Planners. Denise has been in the fiber optic industry since 1983 and has worked for such firms as Siecor (now Corning Cable Systems), Pirelli (now Prysmian), Photon Kinetics, SpecTran, Superior Optics and Alcoa Fujikura Ltd (now AFL Telecommunications). Her positions range from applications and research/development engineering to production supervisor and national sales manager. She started Fiber Planners in July, 1993 to fill the information gap between the cable manufacturers and the power utility client. Denise has a B.S. in Manufacturing Engineering from Miami University (Ohio). She has taught fiber optic seminars for Tennessee Valley Public Power Association (TVPPA) and the United Telecommuncations Council (UTC) membership. Denise is an active member of the Optical Society of America and the IEEE as a member of the IEEE-Std 1222 working group for ADSS cable specifications and the IEEE-Std 524 working group for overhead conductor installation specifications. Denise is based in our main office in Arden, NC, outside of Asheville.



Resource for Utilities

For almost two decades, we've served municipalities, electric coops and investor-owned electric utilities. [more]

Turnkey Services

Fiber Planners offers turnkey services to help you plan and manage all aspects of your fiber project. [more]

Technically Speaking

Fiber Planners understands the technical side and we're able to direct you to the right design. [more]

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When problems happen, you can depend on Fiber Planners' analysis skills to help identify a solution. [more]